Welcome, Spring, and What’s hot right now

Sep 12th, 2017 | Louis Metson with Shane Boulton

Hello from Louis Metson, and welcome to my first blog post! This is an exciting new section we have introduced to the website so that we can stay connected with you all on a monthly basis and talk all things Wellington, Real Estate and what’s hot right now.

Firstly, a very happy Spring to you all! I’m sure you can feel the good vibes in the air and are hopefully starting to notice some slightly more, shall we say…pleasant weather! I’ve personally been making the most of it and taking every opportunity to get outdoors here in Wellington, so if you see me passing by in your area be sure to say hi…it’s always great to meet you all in person.

Speaking of what’s hot right now….if you are looking for fun, fresh ideas for local take outs that offer tasty treats in Wellington City be sure to try out the spicy “Bomber” chicken burger on offer at “Lucky” on Courtenay Place! This burger is a delicious combo of fried chicken, slaw, pickles and Lucky Sauce! Perfect to fill the gap whether it be a quick on the go lunch or a take away dinner. Also a great way to satisfy the cravings on the tail end of Wellington On A Plate’s ‘Burger Wellington’. If you’re looking for a little extra also grab the fries with gravy on the side….highly recommended if you haven’t yet had a chance to try it out.

Also exciting for The Coolest Little Capital this month is the fast approaching World Of Wearable Arts (WOW) show that showcases a wide variety of local talent right here in the city. If you’re looking for a night out or perhaps a way to celebrate a special occasion why not grab a ticket and head along to check it all out…definitely a must for first timers and you’re guaranteed to come away….well, WOWed!

Thanks for dropping in to take a read and we hope to see you back next month for our second blog post. Until then I hope you enjoy the weather, stay warm and make the most of Spring!

Thank you from Louis & Shane.