Make your bedroom open home ready!

Jul 17th, 2018 | Louis Metson

Although it is our private space, making your bedroom standout during open homes is critical in allowing emotional buyers to connect with your property.

Bed presentation is everything

Good quality duvet covers and bed-linen is a good starting point.

Modern bed-linen that appears warm and comfortable is best. To accessorise the bed, cushions of different styles, textures and a silky throw will complete the look.

Remember, it is vital you are conveying to buyers that the bedroom is comfortable, inviting and warm.

Small Room

Smaller rooms suit lighter colour schemes as it helps create the appearance of space, making sure the bed isn't too big and dominating is also a key factor in this.

Plenty of pillows and cushions of varying shapes, colours and textures can make a small space look homely.

Large Room

Large rooms give you the ability to experiment with bold colours and textures. Although you have much more room to add your flavour, it's recommended you keep colours unoffencive and within keeping with the remainder of the home.

The larger the bed the better, in order to make the room feel abundant and warm.