Is it too cold & wet to sell?

Jun 18th, 2018 | Louis Metson

With Real Estate being seasonal, why would I put my Wellington home on the market now?

Well... unlike cricket and rugby, the game of real estate is NOT seasonal.

It’s an urban myth that the market shuts down over the winter time and the fact is, there will always be buyers in the market no matter if it’s Summer or Winter!

Here are 3 reasons why selling this Winter is a great option:

Current Wellington Stock Remains Low

As of June 18th, there is only 452* active listings for sale on Trademe, this is low even for the Winter months.

As of now, the Wellington property market remains grossly undersupplied and there is healthy competition between buyers. How long will this last? Time will tell.

*This number encompasses sections, apartments, townhouses and homes.

Reduced Options For Buyers

With fewer listings on the market in the colder months, astute vendors often to look to Winter as the ideal time to take advantage of the reduced competition around the sale of their home.

Less on the market means less choice for buyers.

Remember vendors, its always better to market in isolation not competition.

Seeing The Home In Poor Weather

This is the primary reason that potential vendors hold off coming to the market. Most fear that their home will not present in the Winter time as well as it would the Summer.

The truth is, buyers actually like seeing homes in unfavourable conditions as it enables them to gauge what the home is like in colder climates. If your home is warm and dry during the rainy Wellington Winter this is all the buyer needs to know!