I’m a first-time seller, what are the qualities I should look for in an agent?

May 10th, 2018 | Louis Metson

Selling for the first-time can be a daunting experience.

Choosing an agent who displays the following skills will enable you as the vendor to extract every dollar from the market.

Here are the follow traits your agent MUST have!

The ability to connect with buyers

Real Estate is face to face business.

To ensure a successful sale it is critical that your agent displays a high degree of emotional intelligence (they MUST be able to read the play).

When interviewing your agent, make sure you feel they have the people skills to serve buyers as you expect to be served. Real Estate is a people business, does your agent of choice display extraordinary connecting skills?

Negotiation skills

Your agent must be skilled in the art of negotiation.

A good test of an agent’s ability to negotiation is to quiz them on their commission.

Good agents will have the ability to verbalise how they will add value to the transaction and validate their fee through giving examples of premium prices/outstanding service they have achieved/given in your marketplace.

The difference between a cheap agent who has poor negotiation skills and a fantastic agent who does a brilliant job could be 5-15% of the sale price. For a more qualified agent you will pay a higher fee, but you will be better off come settlement day with more money in your back pocket.

In any industry there will always be cost cutters, the questions is do you want the cheapest agent or the best agent?

Social Media – What type of social footprint does my agent have?

Social media has become a huge part of Real Estate over the past 2 years, especially Facebook & Instagram.

Ask your agent how they will leverage social media to promote and engage with buyers when selling your home.

Will they employ video on Facebook (and actually feature in it) which we know has a much higher engagement rate than walk through videos. Do they have the ability to construct efficient Facebook campaigns that will maximise buyer interest?

This space will continue to grow and it's vital that you choose an agent that can leverage these platforms to the absolute maximum.

You want an agent who uses ALL tools available to them when selling your home.

Do you like them?

The vendor agent relationship can be trying at times, for this reason it’s important that you do business with someone that you like.

A good agent will be in communication with their vendor daily, as an owner if you don’t get along with them on a personal level the professional relationship will be tested.

My advice, pick an agent you like and trust! After all, this is your biggest asset we’re talking about.