‘How to Win’ when selling in the Wellington Winter

Apr 16th, 2019 | Louis Metson

Selling in the colder months can be a huge advantage as owners face lower competition in the marketplace.

Here’s 3 tips to have you SOLD this winter!

1: Attractive Pricing

Placing attractive pricing on a property (within the law) is critical when selling during Winter. With buyer demand through the colder months traditionally reduced, creating strong competition is essential to achieving a premium sale price. Creating more inspections gives you the best opportunity to securing the best the market will pay.

Attractive pricing is key to generating inspections!

2: Heaters on

This is an absolute must during Winter open homes and for obvious reasons.
A warm and comfortable environment for buyers will help them create an emotional connection with the property. In real estate, emotional attachment is the key driver in achieving a premium sale price, as buyers buy emotionally and justify their decisions logically (using comparative sales data).

3: Warm staging & inviting presentation

The use of warm colours in the presentation of your home is another weapon in the arsenal of owners coming to the market during Winter. Using professional home stagers who are equipped with inviting furniture will help you win on tender day.

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