Coming to market in the new year? Start NOW!

Dec 19th, 2017 | Louis Metson

With Christmas next Monday and 2018 less than 2 weeks away, many vendors will be looking to put the feet up and enjoy a thoroughly deserved break from 2017.

I’m recommending that you don’t rest quite yet, instead pushing the little bit harder to get that real estate stuff out the way first!

If you know your selling early next year, I think it is vital that you begin your sale preparation this side of the new year so you can have the best possible holiday and stress-free start to 2018.

Here’s what you need to do before 2018:

1. Do the paperwork

If you know which real estate agent/company you are going to use to represent you in the marketplace, get the listing agreement signed, organise the builders report, book the stagers and order the Lim report.

By doing this now, you’ll beat the other vendors to the mark ensuring your property is inspected, staged and represented by the very best in the marketplace before they are booked out.

2. Begin the outdoor work ASAP

If you know there is landscaping to be done, weather boards that need painting or replacing etc. Get the work started sooner rather than later. Often these ‘small’ jobs which are necessary to maximise sales value are often more time consuming than first anticipated.

Couple that with New Zealand’s inclement weather over the summertime, you’re never guaranteed sunshine to complete jobs on time.

My advice, give yourself and extra 2-3-week buffer.

3. Get your real estate agent working straight away

Ask your agent to prepare the advertising text and finalise which method of sale you will be using if you have not already done so. If you choose to auction your home, this will require booking an auctioneer.

Photographers and videographers will also need to be booked, this is the agents responsibility.


February & March are traditionally the busiest months in real estate. Allowing adequate preparation time for the sale of your home will dramatically reduce your stress, leaving you free to enjoy the most important things during the holiday period. Family, friends and FOOD :)